Real stories

Have you participated in a Clinical Trial? Tell us your story


Heather Byrnes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clinical trial participant: If it helped me, it will help many others in the future, in the world’s journey to find a reason and a cure for MS.

Bradley Selmon Mesothelioma trial participant: I feel this clinical trial has saved my life

Adele Given, Breast Cancer clinical trial participant: The support in the years following treatment was crucial to my wellbeing. 

Tony Maxwell, prostate cancer participant: My current clinical trial is a lifesaver for me

Michelle Gallaher, Ebola vaccine participant: I knew every day and every volunteer would make a difference to improving the potential of finding a solution.

John Suckling, Bowel Cancer participant: I was… sympathetically and thoroughly monitored both during the treatment and for the years afterwards.

Tracy Grierson - Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity trial participant: anything to help society or other people with this condition.

Harry Christodoulou, liver cancer participant: I was told a had roughly six to 12 months to live, then I saw Dr Peter Grimison and was compatible with a trial chemotherapy drug.

Tom McNamara, cancer trial participant: “I have worked in a hospital all my life. I know the value of having someone for testing. I was prepared to be in the control group, and I knew that it could either save my life or I would die. This wasn’t about grasping at straws to stay alive – by doing this, I was able to do something much bigger for other people as well.

Ann White, cancer trial participant: The trial has been great. The best thing about it is that I’m still alive! The trial has given me a chance to find something that works for me, and that I hope will also be of help to others...

Richard Aarden, cancer gene trial participant: I am a part of something that is contributing not only to my wellbeing but others in my situation. It’s a very positive feeling.

Simon, Ted and Matthew Frost, diabetes trial participants: Encouraging my boys to participate was not only about their own health, but the potential to make a contribution to the worldwide search for a cure to this chronic disease.


Catriona McNeil, Associate Professor, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse: I have witnessed trial results translate into direct benefit for patients now and in the future, this is the most rewarding element of my job.

Tammy Corica – Clinical Research Coordinator, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital: Being involved in a clinical trial gives patients an 'extra set of eyes’ to watch over them during their health care journey.

Robyn Ward, Professor, Prince of Wales Hospital: I have seen how clinical trials can change our health care, and how they help people … We have seen the cure rates for kids’ cancer go from less than 10 per cent to over 80 per cent.

Nora Straznicky,Senior Research Officer, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute: Ultimately, health care practice is based on knowledge derived from clinical trials.

Michael Good, Professor, Principal Research Leader, Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University: People get involved because they want to be part of a project that will make a difference.

Sarah Tremethick, Research Manager, Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute: Clinical trials are about teamwork and patients are an integral part of the team working together to improve scientific knowledge, treatment options and clinical outcomes.

Industry and Sponsors

Mitch Kirkman, Development QA Manager, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd: Australia has been a key contributor in the development of cutting edge new medicines in a huge range of therapeutic areas for Novartis.

Catherine Bourgeois, St Jude Medical: Australia has the clinical trial infrastructure that allows a trial to be established very quickly.