Ethical review process for each Australian state and territory

Single ethics review for multicentre research

New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia have systems in place for intra-state single ethical review of health and medical research inclusive of clinical trials. Victoria has a system limited to single ethics review of multicentre clinical trials. All these States have an ethics application process that utilises the Online Forms website. Other States and Territories have their approach to ethical review outlined on their respective websites.

Interstate Mutual Acceptance of ethics review for multi-centre clinical trials

The Victorian and Queensland Departments of Health and the NSW Ministry of Health have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and have introduced mutual acceptance of ethical and scientific review in public hospitals for multicentre clinical trials being conducted in more than one of these states.

Documents have been developed by the New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian health departments to support users of interstate mutual acceptance and this information is available from:

Each Australian state has an ethical review process and information is available from the State and Territory website links below.