Welcome to this module on the ethical issues related to clinical trials which forms part of a three module program. These modules with provide an overview of the clinical trials environment and the approval process in Australia.

The objectives of the module are to help you understand the importance of conducting clinical trials properly by:

You should have already completed the first module, which gives you a good overview of the clinical trials environment in Australia. If you haven't already completed the first module, I would recommend you do before proceeding with this one.

This module covers ethical aspects of clinical trials and how to manage the process of an ethics review. The last module will consider the research governance process and how to make sure you understand all the checks and clearances that are necessary to start your research project or how you can help someone get their research off the ground.

Before I begin it might be useful to look at my tips for navigating this program. If you haven't already done so, please click on help at the top right hand corner for a quick tutorial. The help link will be available at all times just in case you lose your way. Let's get started.

Why is it important to conduct research ethically and with integrity? What are the main guiding principles that apply to research? And what is the typical pathway for submitting an application and obtaining ethics approval for a clinical trial?

Let's discuss your knowledge of the subject.

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