Welcome to this module on research governance relevant to clinical trials, which forms part of a 3 module program. These modules provide an overview of the clinical trial environment and the clinical process in Australia.

The objectives of the module are to help you understand how to conduct clinical trials properly including:

You should have already completed the first two modules, which gives you a good overview of the clinical trial environment in Australia and the ethics submission process and values in ethical research. If you haven't yet completed the first two modules, I would recommend you do so before proceeding to this one.

This module covers research governance including the research, the process that you need to follow in order to start the research project. And for administrators, what is necessary for proper oversight of research activity.

Before we begin it might be useful for looking at tips for navigating this program. If you haven't done so, please click on help on the top right corner for quick tutorial. The help link will be available at all times just in case you lose your way. So let's get started.

In this session we are going to talk about research governance and some assessment processes. Understanding research governance is a critical part of making governance more effective and efficient by:

Once you have a better understanding of research governance and your role, it will assist you to get your research approved in a timely manner or help your researchers avoid frustration and delays in obtaining approval.

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