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Investigating the effect of maternal prebiotic fibre supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding on the prevention of early childhood allergies.

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Trial Information

Broad Health Condition Inflammatory and Immune System
Oral and Gastrointestinal

Specific Health ConditionAllergies
Normal oral and gastrointestinal development and function

Trial FocusPrevention

Recruitment Details

Recruitment status
Active, not recruiting

Recruitment State

Joondalup Health Campus - Joondalup

6027 - Joondalup

Anticipated date of first participant enrolment27/05/2016

Phase of TrialNot Applicable

Has the study received ethics approval?Further information iconApproved

Trial summary

This project will recruit pregnant women to receive either a prebiotic supplement or a placebo supplement. They will be asked to take the supplement from 18-20 weeks gestation until their baby is 6 months of age. We will then examine whether supplementing the mother’s diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding with the prebiotic powder will reduce the development of allergies in her child. Both study groups will include children deemed to be at high risk of allergic disease (based on family allergy history).


Key inclusion criteria

Pregnant women less than 21 weeks of gestation, whose infants have a first-degree relative (mother, father or sibling) with a history of medically diagnosed allergic disease (asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema and/or food allergy). Eligibility is not dependent on intent to breastfeed for a given length of time.

Minimum age18 Years

Maximum age50 Years


Can Healthy volunteers participate? Yes

Key exclusion criteria

Maternal smoking during pregnancy.
Women already regularly consuming prebiotic supplement (more than twice a week).
Current maternal diagnosis of lactose intolerance or cows milk allergy or other significant chronic gastrointestinal condition.
Contact details and further information

Sponsor Primary Sponsor Type: Other
Primary Sponsor Name: Telethon Kids Institute
Primary Sponsor Address: 100 Roberts Road Subiaco, 6008 Western Australia
Primary Sponsor Country: Australia

Trial IDACTRN12615001075572

Contact person for information and recruitmentDr
Debra Palmer
Childhood Allergy and Immunology Research, Level 7, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth Children's Hospital, 15 Hospital Ave, Nedlands WA 6009
+61 8 6319 1750

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