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Clinical Trial Registries

Clinical trial registries allow you to find clinical trials in Australia.

A registry is defined as an organisation or website that either:

  • lists clinical trials being conducted (or that have recently been conducted) in Australia (or internationally, including Australia)
  • provides a mechanism for patients or others to register their interest in participating in an Australian clinical trial
  • provides a link between potential participants and Australian clinical trials.

The two main registries are:

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR)

ANZCTR is a register of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia and New Zealand.

Clinical is a US site listing clinical trials in the US and in other countries, including Australia.

Other registries:

Australian Cancer Trials

Australian Cancer Trials is an information service that provides details of the latest clinical trials in cancer care for all forms of cancer, including trials that are currently recruiting new participants.

Australian Lung Foundation

Australian Lung Foundation supports research in respiratory medicine and lung disease, and provides information on lung disease and current research

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute is a not-for-profit, educational and research facility for depression and bipolar disorder, and provides details of current research and clinical trials.

Cancer Institute NSW

Cancer Institute NSW is a state-based agency focused on improving cancer diagnosis and treatment, and provides details of current clinical trials.

Cancer Research Network

Cancer Research Network links cancer researchers in the University of Sydney , its teaching hospitals and affiliated research institutes who are researching all forms of cancer.

Cancer Trials Australia

Cancer Trials Australia is a clinical trial network of 16 research organisations conducting research into a range of cancers, and provides a list of clinical trials open for patient participation at Victorian hospitals.

Icon Cancer Centre

Icon Cancer Centre is a network of radiation oncology treatment centres and oncology / haematology day hospitals and largest private provider of cancer clinical trials in Australia.

IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal

IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal is an online register of all the clinical trials being undertaken worldwide including within Australia and New Zealand.

International Clinical Trials Registry Platform

International Clinical Trials Registry Platform is an online register of all the clinical trials being undertaken worldwide including within Australia and New Zealand.

MS Australia Clinical Trials Network

The MS Australia Clinical Trials Network is a central point of information for people interested in participating in or conducting a MS clinical trial, and for news about MS clinical research and trial activity.

Q-Pharm Pty Ltd (Brisbane, Queensland)

Q-Pharm Pty Ltd (Brisbane, Queensland) is a medical institute-university research collaborative and Phase I clinical research site specialising in bioequivalence studies.


Register4 is an online community for breast cancer research participants, which provides details of current projects and allows people to register for clinical trials.

Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL)

The Victorian Cancer Trials Link (VCTL) is a searchable database of all cancer clinical trials being conducted in Victoria.