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Megan and Leila,Type One Diabetes Trial Participants

I joined the Endia study with my daughter Leila.

The research is trying to find any environmental factors that trigger type one diabetes in young kids. I have type one diabetes and I have had it since I was four years old. Obviously my daughter has a higher chance of developing diabetes. This study could see early on if she’s going to develop type diabetes.

When I first heard about the trial, I thought it would be in a lab with people in white coats and gadgets all over Leila but it’s not invasive at all. It’s just a simple urine sample, stool sample, a questionnaire and then a blood test for antibodies.

The people involved on the clinical trial are amazing. They’re always so caring and they keep the families involved in what’s going on. If there are any questions that come up outside of the appointments, they’re always there.

The Endia nurses are great.  They interact with the kids to keep them preoccupied from what’s actually going on. 

Leila and I have participated in this trial because at the end of the day, we don’t want any more kids getting type one diabetes.