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David, Enthusiastic Trial Participant

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Can you really be enthusiastic about participation in a clinical trial? Well, yes you can. Let me take you through my reasoning as to why I am a passionate advocate for trial participation.

I have undertaken four trials. Two for promising therapies that unfortunately did not produce the outcomes necessary for enough patients to warrant advancing the therapy further. A very successful trial for a stem cell mobilizing drug, and a double blind trial for an attenuated shingles antibody.

Leslie, Breast Cancer Trial Participant

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Breast cancer came from out of the blue for me in 2009.

I actually went with a girlfriend to provide moral support when she had a mammogram and realised that I hadn’t had a check myself.

That night when I arrived home, I did my own breast examination and found a lump.

Over the next several weeks, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions as various tests were carried out. But the worst part was telling my husband and my kids.