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Robert, Stroke Trial Participant

On Valentine’s Day last year, I had a significant stroke. I was taken to hospital, where the staff assessed me and found just how serious the stroke had been.

They said that I would be a suitable candidate to join a clinical trial. They explained in very careful detail exactly what I would be required to do. We were able to ask any questions that came to mind and we were given frank answers without any attempt to hide the truth.

We appreciated that because there’s just nothing worse than somebody just saying, “Oh yes, everything will be okay.” You don’t want that, you want the truth. We discussed the proposal with our GP. We have a lot of faith in him and we probably wouldn’t have participated if he hadn’t been supportive.

If people are in a position to take part in a trial, I would encourage them to do so. I am about to embark on another trial, that I hope can help others. I’m prepared to do that.