Further resources

Here you will find the following useful resources:

Real stories

Real stories from patients, doctors and researchers

Clinical Trial Websites

A list of patient support groups

Clinical Trial Registries

A list of Clinical trial registries in Australia.

The Australian Intellectual Property Toolkit for Collaboration 

The Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration (IP Toolkit) contains guides and tools to help researchers use and manage intellectual property (IP) in collaboration. It can be used by anyone wishing to undertake a collaboration project involving business and research.

The IP Toolkit is a joint project between the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science with IP Australia designed to facilitate, simplify and improve collaboration between researchers and industry.

​Report on the Activities and Achievements of Clinical Trial Networks

The NHMRC in conjunction with the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) has collected information on the activity of clinical trials networks including the number of clinical trials conducted by networks, recruitment into these trials, and the contribution that networks are making to the health system. 

The Report on the Activities and Achievements of Clinical Trial Networks

Working Together – A guide to relationships between health consumer organisations & pharmaceutical companies

The Working Together Guide provides a roadmap that can help to achieve the best outcomes for health consumers, carers and families. 

The roadmap provides the basic principles and suggestions that can be used as a useful resource that can assist with building and maintaining a valuable collaboration.

The guide was developed by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia and Medicines Australia.

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