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How to be part of a clinical trial

For anyone interested in being part of a clinical trial, the first step is finding out more about trials in general and what is involved in a particular clinical trial. It is a good idea to seek out information from a number of sources.

There is a wealth of information available on this and other websites about clinical trials in general, why a person may want to be part of a clinical trial, the ethics and regulation of clinical trials in Australia and how to find a trial that is relevant.

You can use the search function to find trials that you may be suitable for, and browse the listings of clinical trials websites and links for further information.

Who to talk to

You can talk to any of the health professionals involved in your care — general practitioners (GPs), specialists, or nursing or allied health professionals. They should be able to provide general information about clinical trials and may have information on clinical trials that are relevant to you.

Support groups or consumer health organisations with an interest in a particular disease or condition that you are interested in may also have information on trials, or be able to provide contact information for other patients who have been involved in trials.