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How to find a clinical trial

Finding a clinical trial

There are a number of places to start looking for a clinical trial:

  • the Search for a Clinical Trial function on this website

    The 'search for a clinical page' searches the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR) for trials that are being carried out in Australia.; The ANZCTR listings also include trials registered on the US website that have at least one trial site in Australia.

  • your healthcare providers (GP, specialist, or nursing or allied health professional)

  • support groups for a particular disease or condition

  • health consumer organisations with an interest in a particular disease or condition

  • other clinical trial websites, which include sites providing general information about clinical trials, clinical trial networks and research institutes. Some of these sites provide information about specific clinical trials that they conduct and some provide details regarding how they can be contacted by potential participants or researchers.

  • Clinical trial registries. In addition to the find a clinical trial search on this website, The Clinical Trial registries list also includes other clinical trial registries that provide information on trials in Australia and New Zealand and, in some cases, in other countries.

    Each site will explain how to search the site for trials by the disease or condition that you are interested in.  Some websites also allow you to register your details and receive information on potentially suitable trials when they become available, or allow researchers to access your information and approach you directly.