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NHMRC eLearning Modules

Whether you are a researcher, in a research office or just wanting to find out more about how clinical trials are conducted, these modules use interactive learning, interviews with experts and knowledge reviews to provide an overview of the nature and importance of the clinical trials environment and approval process in Australia.

These modules provide an introduction to the clinical trials environment, clinical research ethics and ethical review and research governance processes and are a component of the Government’s Expediting Clinical Trials Reforms initiative to maintain Australia’s position as a world leader in quality clinical research.

The learning objectives of the modules are:

  • To understand how clinical trials take place is Australia
  • To understand and promote responsible research practices
  • To ensure quality research outcomes
  • To ensure participant safety is maintained at all times

Each module takes approximately 45 minutes. Please see below for technical requirements and instructions, including how to disable Flash hardware acceleration to ensure the optimal performance of the modules.


The name of the Clinical Trial Exemption (CTX) scheme changed to the Clinical Trial Approval (CTA) scheme in 2020. This change was instigated to more accurately reflect the nature of the scheme under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. References in the eLearning modules to CTX should now be interpreted as references to CTA.  


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For further Consumer eLearning Modules, you may wish to visit the Cancer Australia’s Consumer roles in clinical trials Consumer Learning website.

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