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Your stories

Your stories


Megan and Leila's story

Megan has had type 1 diabetes since she was 4 years old. Her daughter, Leila, has a higher chance of developing diabetes. They took part in a clinical trial that could detect whether Leila was going to develop type 1 diabetes. Watch their story.

Dr Victoria Hayes' story

Dr Victoria Hayes is a general practitioner. Watch Victoria's story to see how clinical trials impact her everyday work with patients.

Jarryd’s story

In May 2016, Jarryd received news that a melanoma on his lip – detected and removed in 2015 – had spread. Jarryd’s oncologist suggested that Jarryd consider a new immunotherapy treatment. Watch Jarryd's story.

Robert’s story

Robert had a significant stroke in 2017. Hospital staff said that he would be a suitable candidate to join a clinical trial. Watch Robert's story.