About our website

Find out how we have updated our website so it is easier to use and understand.

Updating our website

As part of our website refresh, we have:

  • changed the way it looks and works so it's easier to use
  • reorganised our content so it's easier to find
  • rewritten our content so it's easier to understand
  • improved navigation and search
  • followed Australian Government best practices.

New clinical trial search

We’ve rebuilt our clinical trial search function. It draws content from the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR), which also draws information from the US ClinicalTrials.gov.

With a cleaner interface, the search is easy to use and results link back to ANZCTR for full details, including contact information. As the most used function on our website we’ve made sure it’s front and centre on the home page, but also included on our Find a clinical trial page, along with other ways to find clinical trials.

As ANZCTR is the official registry, we no longer provide a registration function, or an alert service. The clinical trial site registration facility and search have also been discontinued as they are available via ANZCTR.

Designed for our users

We have designed and built our website in alignment with the Digital Transformation Agency's Digital Service Standard.

Reorganised information

Information is now organised into the following areas:

  • About clinical trials – general information about clinical trials and our governing group
  • Participants – information for people interested in taking part in a clinical trial
  • Healthcare providers – information for health professionals
  • Industry and sponsors – information for individuals or organisations wanting to conduct a clinical trial in Australia
  • Researchers – information for researchers about running clinical trials
  • Resources – all of our publications, tools, videos in one place.

How we write for the web

When we write content we apply a consistent government style based on the Australian Government's Style Manual. This helps us to:

  • place the most important information at the top of the page
  • use plain English
  • make sure our information is current and correct
  • provide information in different ways, such as with videos and infographics
  • use short paragraphs, clear headings and lists so content is easy to scan and read
  • make sure we're not repeating content
  • make sure our content is accessible
  • use language understood by our users.

Continual improvement

We want to continually improve our website. You can help us by providing feedback through our contact us page.

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