Register a clinical trial in Australia

Find out how to register a clinical trial in Australia, why it’s important and when to register.

Why you should register

Registering your clinical trial means:

  • people can find out about it
  • healthcare providers can identify trials relevant for their patients.

Make sure the general title and summary are brief, clear, and written in plain English so they are easy for people to understand.

When to register

Clinical trials must be registered before you enrol your first participant. This is known as prospective trial registration and improves research transparency. It is:

Register your trial as soon as possible, in a clinical trial registry. The Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR) recommends registering at the same time as you apply for ethics approval.

A clinical trial registry is a publicly accessible database that contains details about your trial, including:

  • the design
  • conduct and administration information
  • contact details
  • trial status.

How to register

Researchers can register their trial on the ANZCTR website, which includes information on how to register.

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