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  • 1:40

    Jarryd’s story

    In May 2016, Jarryd received news that a melanoma on his lip – detected and removed in 2015 – had spread. Jarryd’s oncologist suggested that Jarryd consider a new immunotherapy treatment. Watch Jarryd's story.
  • 1:36

    Robert’s story

    Robert had a significant stroke in 2017. Hospital staff said that he would be a suitable candidate to join a clinical trial. Watch Robert's story.
  • 1:36

    Megan and Leila's story

    Megan has had type 1 diabetes since she was 4 years old. Her daughter, Leila, has a higher chance of developing diabetes. They took part in a clinical trial that could detect whether Leila was going to develop type 1 diabetes. Watch their story.
  • 1:37

    Mark's story

    Mark has haemophilia B which is a blood clotting disorder. His doctors mentioned there was a clinical trial about to start at Royal Prince Alfred in Sydney. Watch Mark's story.
  • 1:35

    Professor Paul Myles' story

    Professor Paul Myles is Director of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at the Alfred Hospital
  • 1:26

    Dr Victoria Hayes' story

    Dr Victoria Hayes is a general practitioner. Watch Victoria's story to see how clinical trials impact her everyday work with patients.
  • 4:12

    John's story

    John was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2011. After having part of his bowel removed to take out the cancer, he was referred to an oncologist who asked if he would be prepared to participate in a clinical trial.
  • 4:18

    David's story

    David was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1996. He's been an active clinical trial participant since diagnoses. Watch David's story.
  • 3:57

    Heather's story

    Heather was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2002. Her neurologist recommended a clinical drug trial in 2004.Watch Heather's story.
  • 3:47

    Tom's story

    Tom was diagnosed with secondary cancer resulting from melanoma in 2013. Shortly after, he was asked to join a clinical drug trial. Watch Tom's story.
  • 3:48

    Adele's story

    Adele was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She joined a clinical trial in 2006. Watch Adele's story.
  • 4:04

    Tony's story

    Tony was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2003. He joined a clinical trial in 2014. Watch Tony's story.
  • 4:06

    Professor Christopher Reid’s story

    Professor Christopher Reid is Director of both the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Cardiovascular Outcomes Improvement at Curtin University, and the Monash Centre of Cardiovascular Research and Education in Therapeutics at Monash University. Watch Christopher's story.
  • 4:01

    Professor Lisa Horvath's story

    Professor Lisa Horvath, is Director of Research and Conjoint Chair of Medical Oncology (Genitourinary Cancers) at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. Watch Lisa's story.
  • 4:12

    Dr Karen Best's story

    Dr Karen Best is Director of Clinical Trials at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Watch Karen's story.
  • 4:17

    Professor Catherine Cole's story

    Professor Catherine Cole is Professor of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology at the University of Western Australia, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, PathWest and the Telethon Kids' Institute. Watch Catherine's story.
  • 3:32

    Dr Ross Jennens' story

    Dr Ross Jennens looks after medical treatments for people diagnosed with cancer. He treats a number of different types of cancer and people that need medical therapies such as chemotherapy treatments or, for breast cancer, medication treatments like anti-hormone treatments. Watch Ross' story.
  • 4:22

    Professor Howard Gurney's story

    Professor Howard Gurney is Director of Medical Oncology and Clinical Trials, Macquarie University and Head of Clinical Research for Medical Oncology, Westmead Hospital. Watch Howard's story.
  • 4:27

    Professor Mark Nelson's story

    Professor Mark Nelson is a general practitioner and Chair of the Discipline of General Practice at the University of Tasmania. Watch Mark's story.
  • 4:02

    Professor Paul Glasziou's story

    Professor Paul Glasziou is a general practitioner and Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University. Watch Paul's story.
  • 4:22

    Professor Jennifer Reath’s story

    Professor Jennifer Reath is a general practitioner and is the Peter Brennan Chair of General Practice at the University of Western Sydney. Watch Jennifer's story.
  • 5:46

    A patient's journey

    This story follows the journey of a patient, her specialist and the clinical trial researcher during a clinical trial.
  • 3:28

    Leslie's story

    Breast cancer came from out of the blue for Leslie in 2009. She decided to participate in a clinical trial to not only help women today but to also help future generations. Watch Leslie's story.
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